Sarah Barber Range

If you are looking for earthy comfort on your patio or even in your TV room, look no further than the Sarah Barber range.

The very popular 1.6-meter couch consists of a sturdy wooden frame – made from reclaimed wood – with an amply stuffed plain cushion seat for comfort. Six lively scatter cushions (for the back) complete the offering.  A 2-meter model (with eight scatter cushions) is also available.

Wooden frames (for the couches and chairs) are available in different colours.  These include distressed mariner, white, duck egg, blue-grey, red or natural wood.





Sarah Barber 1.6-meter couch with seat and 6 scatter cushions R6 950
Sarah Barber 2-meter couch with seat and 8 scatter cushions R8 950
Sarah Barber chair with seat and 2 scatter cushions R3 950

The scatter cushions will be matched to your seat cushions.

For the scatter cushions, please indicate your preference:
*  Florals combined with plain
*  Scatters with patterns

If you want to find out what is currently available in-store, contact your nearest Beetroot Inc. outlet.  For the latter go to and click on Stores.  Shop assistants can send you a picture – via Whats App – of what they have in stock. You can also click on the FaceBook icon on the Beetroot Inc. homepage and go to Pictures, to see what is currently trending at Beetroot Inc. outlets. 

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