About Beetroot Inc

Beetroot Inc. specialises in the design and manufacturing of patchwork and reclaimed wooden furniture, scatter cushions, utility trolleys, homeware, gifts and novelties for customers that enjoy the lighter and brighter side of beautiful living.

This out-of-the box South African company with its uniquely home-grown product range was established in 2013.  After six successful sales exhibitions in Pretoria and Johannesburg it extended it footprint nationally in 2014.

Beetroot Inc. currently has retail outlets in Pretoria and Cape Town.

Beetroot Inc Story

The vegetable beetroot adds colour to a plate of food.  In the same vain, Beetroot Inc. brightens up the homes of people all across South Africa and beyond by producing products that articulate the lighter and brighter side of beautiful living.  But, where did it all start?

Beetroot Inc. had its inception as a job creation project.  Two employees with two sewing machines put together the patchwork for our first couch.  Today we employ more than fifty people and partner with a diverse selection of local entrepreneurs to fill the ever-growing product pipeline of the Beetroot Inc. retail outlets.

As a result, we have brought colour to the lives of ordinary South Africans and have debunked a few myths in the process. Today we know that:

  • People that work together can break the cycle of unemployment in the country
  • South Africans are resourceful and given half the chance they will rise above their structural conditions and personal afflictions
  • Our customers welcome change and will dare to be different
  • South African products can compete with the best – and all our customers are as proud of the fact as we are

We salute South Africans, and other smart people, that buy our products.  If you are one of them, you obviously have exceptional taste, vision and imagination!

If we have lived up to your expectations, please spread the word amongst your friends.  If we have not, tell us what we can do to improve your buying or service experience.