Father’s Day Competition

Here’s the plan. The Father of all Dad’s plans!

Send us a story, a moment, a feeling, a lesson taught, that you experienced with your Dad. The first time a date picked you up at home perhaps or the first spanner and hammer preaching. The first: how-to-braai speech.  Any special moment you shared or had with your Dad. We will put it on our website and share , to remember those happy times and also to remind ourselves that home is where the heart is.

Send your story to info@beetrootinc.co.za.

TEN stories will be randomly drawn and WIN a Handmade Beetroot Apron and a funky Grid brush. All stories will be shared on www.beetrootinc.co.za.

Let’s make each other smile!

Competition valid until 19 June 2020


Marcia Potgieter: 

My Dad!

My Dad has taught me a lot of things over the years the one thing that will always stand out is how you treat others.  Respect is a very BIG deal for him.  He was very strict so like most Dads he does not like the ideal of his little girl getting a boyfriend.  I remember we were driving home from church and we sat very close to each other in the back seat.  My Dad gave my now Husband one mean look in his mirror and just said “RESPECT”.  It has been a house hold joke from then on and word still has more than one meaning!

Heleen Strydom:

After 98 years of looking after his family and providing ample for wife, children and grandchildren – the only word that keeps on popping up is absolute respect.

My father is still alive and my mother is nursing him because he is frail – but when he says – ‘Good morning Daughter’ I am still reminded of the strength and resolution of this person who is my DAD!

Enjoy another Fathersday DAD!

Raesetja Shadung:

I have learnt a lot from my dad, one outstanding learning I got from him was fixing cars while I am a lady. He never limited me from learning when he was finishing and asking for my assistance. He taught me the real meaning of love, provision, respect and not looking down on others.

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