Leap Year

Leap Year:


2020 is a Leap year. At Beetroot we like leaping, we like the sound of that. To ‘bound’, ‘jump’, ‘vault’, ‘hurdle’, ‘hop over’ and all the other leap-word-mates, has a very happy ring about them. To ‘leap for joy’, a ‘leap of faith’ are all leaps worth leaping. Interestingly enough, a bunch of leopards are also called a ‘leap of leopards’, although, if I were to encounter a ‘leap of leopards’, I would be doing some serious leaping of my own, preferably into a big car with thick windows.

I know of a very successful lady that was born on the 29th of February (they’re called leaplings). She has a sparkling career, beautiful home, and she’s just turned 12!


 Astrologers believe that folks born on the 29th of February have special talents, such as the ability to burb the alphabet or paint like Picasso. Again, amazing talents, especially for those that are still so young.

Here’s some fun facts about leap years that you might not have known:

  1. The Frog is the symbol of the leap year, and here at Beetroot we will happily incorporate a frolicking frog in any of your custom designed couches.
  2. The extra day is called a leap day or an intercalary day, and here at Beetroot we will happily stay away from calling it that second word.
  3. In Ireland, St. Patrick set aside the 29th of February as the day allowing women the right to ask for a man’s hand in marriage, and here at Beetroot we will happily allow all and sundry to come and shop with us on this leapy day(or any other day), with or without Ole’Saint Pat’s blessing.
  4. In 1988, the town of Anthony in Texas with a population of 8000, declared itself to be the “Leap year capitol of the world”, and here at Beetroot we will happily declare ourselves as the “Best Leap year store in the world.” That’s right; in the whole world.

So come on down (insert Texan drawl here) and leap, bound, jump and vault with Beetroot this year. We will have a kaleidoscope of colourful and handmade pieces to fill and brighten your home. Dedicated design staff are ready to assist you with any custom work on new and re-upholstered couches and chairs.

And as this Leap year continues, we will add more fun facts and products, happily, from all of us here at Beetroot.

The Beetroot Inc. Team   

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