Beetroot Inc. specialises in the design and manufacturing of patchwork and pallet furniture, scatter cushions, utility trolleys, homeware, gifts and novelties for customers that enjoy the lighter and brighter side of beautiful living.

You can now place custom orders for Beetroot Inc. Lifestyle Furniture and Eco Furniture. Just go to the product you would like to customize, and fill out the form!

Beetroot Inc. Recycling Project

As part of Beetroot Inc.’s job creation effort – and in line with the company’s commitment to eco-friendly product development – we have embarked on the reconstruction of fabric/textile panels from off-cuts, given to jobless people that reconstruct the off-cuts into integrated panels at home.

Beetroot Inc. Custom Industrial

Customize your own shelving/storage unit!
Sturdy and sleek base structures.  Slot in your own storage solution (drawers and storage compartments) where it suits you!

Patio Furniture

Build your own Patio Furniture, piece by piece! Choose from an array of frame, mattress and scatter cushion designs and colours to create your perfect, easy-living soft-dressed Eco Settee.

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