Pets are amazing. Furry, fluffy four legged serotonin-bombs. Whether canine, feline or the exotic kind, they add extra meaning to our lives. A head-bump from a cat, leaning in with a purr, or a goofy grin from a dog, tongue lolling to the side with a tail wagging derilously with joy. They lift our spirits, keeping us active, healthy, happy and more loving.

Between 40 000 and 20 000 years ago, during the Last Glacial Maxim, a Grey wolf sauntered into a village. It may have been alone or with friends, who can say, what we do know is that some kind of accord was struck between wolf and man, and dogs came to be. How we got all the different dog breeds from just Grey wolf ancestry, is a mystery. Poodles and Shih-Tzu’s do simply not resemble a wolf, not even a pygmy wolf, but there you go.

The cats, well, maybe they were already in the village when the wolves pulled in. That would explain the usual animosity, perhaps, between cats and dogs…. possession being nine-tenths of the law.

 The Egyptians worshipped some felines, carved pretty big statues for them too. What the Egyptians didn’t have though, was the beautifully handcrafted Pet beds made from reclaimed wood by us here at Beetroot Inc. They didn’t have funky large Pet cushions, made from durable textiles with removable covers that can be thrown into the wash either. It is possible that washing machines were a bit more basic in ancient Egypt, but let’s not dwell. What’s important is that Pet beds and Pet cushions are available here at Beetroot Inc. and we feel strongly that if Ra and Tutankhamen were alive today, they would be having a serious look at our Pet range.  

So, walk like an Egyptian and click on the link of our range of beds and cushions for your Pets at Beetroot Inc.

 Adopt, rescue, love…and love some more!

the Beetroot Inc. Team

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