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Snakes sometimes have a bad wrap, not so at Beetroot Inc. Our Beautiful Beetroot Boas, the lesser-spotted Titanoboas, also academically known as: “Beet-rootis-boa-singulis-awesome-ness”, are ready and waiting to capture your hearts. Exquisite elongated necks, narrow torsos and slim hips with slender tails, combined with colourful designs, make these delightful scatters a fun and quirky addition to any living space.  They are lovingly crafted by our talented ladies from colour-popping recycled textiles. Whether they adorn couches or chairs or are lazily languishing in a kiddies-room, there can be no doubt that there mouth gaping smiles will bring a smile in return.

 It was Winnie the Pooh that said: “Nobody can be uncheered by a balloon”. At Beetroot Inc. we agree, in fact, we think the same of our Titanoboas.

Have a look at our Titanoboas and adopt one for your home.

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