SA BBQ Smokers

Is smoking meat your passion? Are you struggling to find an affordable and functional smoker locally in South Africa? Then, look no further! SA BBQ Smokers has a whole range of smokers to choose from and could also custom design to your requirements. We believe that BBQ Smoking will become the next big outdoor activity in South Africa. As we all know, the BBQ smoking industry is huge in the United States and in Europe with events and competitions taking place almost every weekend. Currently not many people or restaurants have the ability to smoke meat the traditional way by using charcoal and wood.  Making your own fully functional smoker is not as simple as it looks and importing one is an expensive exercise. So, acquiring a proper reverse flow offset smoker was a problem.  But not for long!  And that is where it all started…Coming from a mechanical engineering and product development background a whole range of different smokers have been designed and manufactured since. We hope that by using our smokers you’ll learn the art of BBQ smoking and start enjoying it as much as we do.



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