Shopfitting can be an expensive and taxing experience.  But, it need not be.  Beetroot Inc. provides you with shopfitting solutions that are both practical and priced right.

It is just a matter of working out what you need for your establishment and contacting us at for a quote.  What you don’t see here on this webpage, we can customize for you.  In addition our cupboards, display cases, servers and counters are on castors.  So when you take delivery, you can set up your shop in a matter of minutes and move and change it around whenever you want!

Beetroot Inc. has kitted out shops of various shapes and sizes.  Waiting rooms, hotels, guest houses and other establishments have also received the Beetroot Inc. makeover.  Our customary earthy and/or colourful designs can be toned down to create a relaxed and stylish ambiance – or spruced up in the colour palette of your choice to oose more energy.

So, decide what you want to go for, and we can make it happen!