Reclaimed Wood

All Beetroot Inc.’s furniture is made from Reclaimed wood. Interestingly enough, Reclaimed wood was initially almost called ‘Recalled’ wood. This led to some confusion. Some of the specialists at What-Shall-We-Call-This PTY LTD felt that calling it ‘Recalled’ wood, would give the wood a voice, so to speak and everyone knows full well that trees can’t talk. Misrepresentation was just unthinkable, they were specialists at naming stuff after all. They also felt that calling the wood, or recalling it, for that matter, would be just a waste of breath. One of the managers at What-Shall-We-Call-This PTY LTD, pointed out that tree’s manufacture a lot of oxygen, so that would be a sort of return on the wasted breath, it would kind of balance out. Someone else said that the word ‘manufacture’ sounded awfully like a human action, not tree-like or woody at all.

The confusion continued.

After much deliberation and a very bizarre debate surrounding the use of cinnamon as a condiment and also the fact that cinnamon is a bark, it was felt that further input was needed. A quick vote was held, and it was decided to gain more insight from their Afrikaans counterparts.

By die Afrikaanse-Kommisie-van-name-uitdink (AKNU), was ieder en elke lid geweldig verbaas dat What-Shall-We-Call-This PTY LTD, hulle genader het vir ‘n opinie. Die AKNU lede was egter baie gretig om hulle Engelse kollegas by te staan met dié tammeletjie van hout noem name. Van die lede het dadelik begin frons en wroeg oor wat sal nou ‘n behoorlike noem naam wees vir dieselfde hout wat twee of drie keer vir verskillende doeleindes gebruik word. Iemand het die naam ‘oor-en-oor-hout’ voorgestel, maar dit was dadelik afgeskiet, want hoe de donner vertaal mens dit nou in Engels. ‘n Ander persoon het die res van die Kommisie lede herinner dat daar fantastiese name vir bome is in Afrikaans, soos ‘koorsboom’ of ‘stinkhout’, en dat hulle nie moet moed opgee nie.

Idees was rond gegooi, party het op die vloer geland, oor ander was daar geredekawel en weldra was dit toe besluit dat AKNU ongelukkig nie hul Engelse eweknieé sal kan bystaan met ‘n naam vir oor-en-oor-hout nie.

Almal was beswaard.

Upon hearing from AKNU that they had reached a stalemate and were not able to assist the specialists at What-Shall-We-Call-This PTY LTD, the specialists looked at the problem again. One of the specialists remarked that the AKNU always ‘claimed’ to have a solution to these types of challenges. Immediately heads shot up upon hearing the word ‘claimed’. ‘Claimed’, they felt, had just the right ring to it and with a ‘Re’ at the front, some sophistication too.

And so, ‘over-and-over-wood’ got to be called ‘Reclaimed wood’, and the AKNU had a hand in the naming also, even without claiming it.

“How much wood, would Woodchuck, chuck, if Woodchuck, would chuck wood?”


At Beetroot Inc., we are extremely proud of our Reclaimed wood furniture. With a rough, charming and rustic finish, our repurposed, reclaimed wood pieces, will add colour and joy to any home and workspace. The added bonus of doing our bit to lessen the carbon footprint, makes it even more fulfilling.

That’s our claim, and we’re sticking to it!


the Beetroot Inc. Team

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