Reconstructed Material

Japanese and Crazy Reconstructed Material

Running hands across fabric, feeling it and brushing against its texture. The forefinger and thumb taking the material in hand and giving it the rub, to feel the quality, the grain of cotton, the lay of the velvet. Picking plush velour, that yields lovingly to the touch and comparing it with other gorgeously woven fabrics. There’s a lot of feeling that goes into our design choices here at Beetroot Inc.  It’s such a tactile experience for everyone.

Whenever a new piece of material gets displayed at Beetroot Inc. the first thing that our creative team does, is to touch it, to handle it. We, just like you, connect with our textiles strongly through touch. All creative discussions and decisions are made with the material in our hands, experiencing it. These materials are then set to work and turned into cushions, couches, chairs and more.

At the end of that line, there are always beautiful pieces of these textiles left over. Not once but many a time, one of the folks here at Beetroot , would walk past a production table with a leftover piece on it and pause, pick it up and feel. That little event happened enough times to enough of the folks, that we made a decision.

We decided to take huge bags of these beautiful leftover fabric to seamstresses that work from home and we asked them to assemble a standard size panel for us. In one go, we created some jobs and an original, one of a kind patchwork panel. We recycled, reconstructed, redeployed and re-employed. And it felt great!

These one of a kind panels are then joined together to make scatters, floor cushions or throws and sometimes even special requested furniture pieces.

There are two designs types for the panels. The Crazy and the Japanese.

We are especially happy with our Reconstruct Throws. Ideal for a picnic outdoors, for Valentine or any other occasion. Our throws will add fun and colour to an old brown leather couch – and there is a lot around of those – or spice up a bedroom. Just like those Quilt blankets and ‘Lappies-komberse’ of old, these throws are original, strong and lovingly made. Reds, blues, duck-egg, maroons and pinks. Green, beige, brown and burnt orange. Choose your palette and mix with fun.

The Beetroot Inc. Team   

3 thoughts on “Reconstructed Material

  1. Luv it!!!!
    The product and the story behind it…well done Beetroot Inc. Team. Can’t wait to order mine?

  2. Thank you Hanli!
    Please supply your preference in colours and size to Looking forward to hear from you soon! Beetroot Inc. team

  3. Thank you for your kind comment Hanli!! We are looking forward to custom making you your very own Beetroot Inc. masterpiece very soon!

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