Your Reupholstery journey with Beetroot Inc.

How do you turn your old but much-loved furniture into a brand new customized talking point? Quite simple really, you allow Beetroot Inc. to assist you to make it happen!

The process is quite simple but at the same time, great fun and one could even say exhilarating.

You get to choose your own fabric – or in the case of patchwork, you can request that we put together a combination of specific colours (a swatch). Each patchwork blanket is constructed from a specific combination of fabric – which makes each Beetroot Inc. couch or chair unique. The selection and production of the patchwork blankets are done from scratch in our factory, Thus every piece of furniture is unique and you are the proud owner of an item made JUST for YOU!

To get the process going from your side, is very straight forward.
This is the 10 Step Process:

STEP 1: Send us some Pictures

STEP 2: Your Key Account Manager makes contact

  • Beetroot Inc. Key Account Manager will be designated to you. This person will see to it that your specific needs with regards to colour and fabric preferences are met.

STEP 3: Time for the initial Quote

  • You will now get an initial quote.
  • You will be charged a once-off one-way delivery fee for the pick-up and delivery of your new-look furniture.

STEP 4: Activation of your Adventure

  • If you are happy with the quote, you will be required to pay a 60 percent deposit to activate.

STEP 5: Production Time

Once you have signed off on all preferences, the production process can commence.

  • If patchwork is to be made – this will commence before your couch is picked up.
  • The total reupholstery process, can take from three to four weeks and will depend on the number of projects that we have in production at that moment.
  • Your couch will only be picked up near the end of the process, averagely a week before finalization.

STEP 6: Foam Requirement

  • When your couch or chair is opened up, the condition of all the foam will be assessed and if we deem it necessary, we will suggest foam replacement. Supporting pictures will be forwarded to the customer to help with this decision.
  • The Beetroot Inc Production team will always have new layered foam sheets incerted to insure the couch retains the original shape and looks crisp and fresh.

STEP 7: Quality Check

  • Once it is done, the upholstery is subjected to a thorough quality check.

STEP 8: Final Payment

  • When the job gets the green light, you are requested to pay the remaining 40 percent and once you have done so the delivery is activated.

STEP 9: Guarantee

  • We guarantee our work for two years (see the terms and conditions attached to your quote for more detail). In addition seating foam is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the foam for 5 years.


  • All that you need to do after that is to enjoy your new bespoke piece of Beetroot Inc. furniture – and of course to learn to live with the compliments that you are bound to receive!


Thank you for supporting Beetroot Inc.!

Patio Furniture

Build your own Patio Furniture, piece by piece! Choose from an array of frame, mattress and scatter cushion designs and colours to create your perfect, easy-living soft-dressed Eco Settee.

Beetroot Inc. Recycling Project

As part of Beetroot Inc.’s job creation effort – and in line with the company’s commitment to eco-friendly product development – we have embarked on the reconstruction of fabric/textile panels from off-cuts, given to jobless people that reconstruct the off-cuts into integrated panels at home.

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