The Cleo

The Cleo 

At Beetroot Inc we got a Couch named Cleo. Yep, true story. Now, in Greek, Cleo is a pre-fix for pride, fame or glory. At Beetroot Inc, Cleo is a pre-fix for a fun two-seater. A jolly, mirthful, entertaining, pleasurable, skylarking couch for two. She’s a beautiful, chic, alluring, marvelous bonny lass too.

There was of course another Cleo, Cleopatra the Egyptian Queen. “A woman of surpassing beauty”, Dio Cassius, the Roman historian wrote and he obviously got a good look at her. Cleopatra, lover of Julius Caesar, later wife of Mark Anthony and a living Goddess towards the end of her reign. This Lady knew what she wanted and the people must have agreed, one does not become a Goddess without some form of shared sentiment, surely.

Our Cleopatra couch would have worked just perfectly for Goddess Cleo, late nights sitting under a captivating Egyptian moon with Julius, giddy with love and romance, the two-seater arrangement keeping them intimate and just so. They would have been tickled pink with our Cleo-couch’s gorgeous asymmetrical lines, her strong foam upholstery, yielding just right to their royal bum-bums. In fact, Julius Caesar might have lingered longer, enjoying our Cleo-couch, and in so doing might have completely missed his own assassination. That whole historical period might have turned out completely different had our Cleo-couch been at hand, for royal bum-bums and the survival of Queen Cleopatra’s Romeo.

Furthermore, and lets not be coy, with the wide range of colourful and rich textiles available for custom fitting, both for indoors and out, our Cleo-couch might have started a whole new Dynasty. A Dynasty of happy and content and loving recliners and couches. Couches who would rather recline than commit conquest. Recliners, so satisfied with reclining, that very little erroneous activities would have occurred…. which would’ve been a good thing, especially for the people.

Just imagine.

Well, that was then and this is now, we can’t change that. What can be changed though, is the look of your living space with a Cleo-couch.

 Make your own history today.

Our Cleopatra’s are waiting here at Beetroot Inc for your touch. Come and design a two-seater fit for a Queen, nay, a Goddess. Our delightful and dedicated design staff are standing by to assist you with custom choices, for you and your royal bum-bums.

The Beetroot Inc. Team   

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