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Wildflower Creek Range

Download Brochure Download Dowel Structural Report WILDFLOWER CREEK RANGE by Beetroot Inc. flourish & thrive • A range of “play tools” for children mainly up to age 7, with the philosophy behind it that young children learn ultimately through deep, focused and self-driven play. Each of these tools support the belief – and is built […]



Pets Pets are amazing. Furry, fluffy four legged serotonin-bombs. Whether canine, feline or the exotic kind, they add extra meaning to our lives. A head-bump from a cat, leaning in with a purr, or a goofy grin from a dog, tongue lolling to the side with a tail wagging derilously with joy. They lift our […]


Reclaimed Wood

All Beetroot Inc.’s furniture is made from Reclaimed wood. Interestingly enough, Reclaimed wood was initially almost called ‘Recalled’ wood. This led to some confusion. Some of the specialists at What-Shall-We-Call-This PTY LTD felt that calling it ‘Recalled’ wood, would give the wood a voice, so to speak and everyone knows full well that trees can’t […]


Enjoy a Beautiful Day this Valentine’s!

Valentine’s Day Chaucer, the old poet, said about the 14th day of February: “For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose its mate.” At Beetroot Inc. – we can’t vouch for Chaucer, he wrote that Poem in the 14th century somewhere. We can however tell you that January has […]

menlyn style photo

Wingbacks and Tub Chairs

Wingbacks and Tub Chairs Now with Wingback chairs, we have to go back a bit, to the 1600’s in England and its best read with perfect elocution in the Queen’s English. The majority of Monarchs of the 1600’s, were Kings; 7 men to 2 ladies, but we are going to, nevertheless, continue using the current […]


The Cleo

The Cleo  At Beetroot Inc we got a Couch named Cleo. Yep, true story. Now, in Greek, Cleo is a pre-fix for pride, fame or glory. At Beetroot Inc, Cleo is a pre-fix for a fun two-seater. A jolly, mirthful, entertaining, pleasurable, skylarking couch for two. She’s a beautiful, chic, alluring, marvelous bonny lass too. […]


Leap Year

Leap Year:   2020 is a Leap year. At Beetroot we like leaping, we like the sound of that. To ‘bound’, ‘jump’, ‘vault’, ‘hurdle’, ‘hop over’ and all the other leap-word-mates, has a very happy ring about them. To ‘leap for joy’, a ‘leap of faith’ are all leaps worth leaping. Interestingly enough, a bunch […]


Reconstructed Material

Japanese and Crazy Reconstructed Material Running hands across fabric, feeling it and brushing against its texture. The forefinger and thumb taking the material in hand and giving it the rub, to feel the quality, the grain of cotton, the lay of the velvet. Picking plush velour, that yields lovingly to the touch and comparing it […]


This Valentine’s Day say it with colour

This Valentine’s Day say it with colour Beetroot Inc.’s designs are unashamedly colourful.  It is through colour that we offer our customers the opportunity to get away from sameness and to experience the lighter and brighter side of beautiful living. As per usual, Beetroot Inc. has already incorporated classic blue (the 2020 Pantone colour of […]

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