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A range of “play tools” for children mainly up to age 7, with the philosophy behind it that young children learn ultimately through deep, focused and self-driven play. Each of these tools support the belief – and is built on the concept, that play-based learning and the ability to self-educate, are things that children are born with.

The ultimate goal as caregivers and educators is to create a healthy learning environment, an environment containing the right elements that will inspire young ones to grow in their creativity. This approach will create a life-long love for learning and seeking out knowledge. Curiosity will be planted as seeds and nurtured as the child grows in his/her authentic ways.

Every child is born with the inherent desire and ability to learn. Our job is to nurture that desire and provide the “ingredients” that will ultimately build them up and add true value. Traditional methods of education and child-development assessments are mainly based on, and largely influenced by, views of educational theorists during the twentieth century, and these views laid the foundations for outcome- and standards-based education.

(Extract from “Educating the Wholehearted Child” by Clay and Sally Clarkson)

In contrast to these views, our approach to learning is inspired by educators who saw things wildly different. Charlotte Mason is one of these people. As a classical English educator in England at the turn of the twentieth century, she placed great emphasis on “sparking the imagination of the child through the subject matter.”


In other words, instead of teaching the young child that there is a specific outcome and assessing according to a specific standard – even through toys and playing, we’re adopting the view that it could be left up to the child to learn through own inspirations by the subject matter, which in this case is our play tools. We are convinced that if learning takes place in this manner, our young ones will grow up better equipped for a world that is changing exponentially more than any other time in history.

It is absolutely crucial to adapt our ways of fragmented, outcome-based education especially in the early development phase, in order for our children to become lifelong lovers of learning, courageous, confident and well-able to thrive in a world unknown to us right now.

The Wildflower Creek Range encourages, influences, and stimulates the child to grow “mental muscles” in the areas of problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and reasoning ability, with an over-all vision and intention to cultivate a positive learning attitude for these little wildflowers.

by Hermi de Villiers

My name is Hermi, and I’m mama of 2 wonderful little wildflowers, Liam (4) and Elle (2). We live in Stellenbosch in the heart of beautiful Helshoogte pass.
With all my heart I believe that children are born whole persons, and when they are nurtured in a loving, healthy environment that encourages them to explore according to their own uniqueness, they will grow more and more in their inherent love for self-learning.
As Charlotte Mason says – Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime – if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas.

Let them be wild!”

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