This Valentine’s Day say it with colour

This Valentine’s Day say it with colour

Beetroot Inc.’s designs are unashamedly colourful.  It is through colour that we offer our customers the opportunity to get away from sameness and to experience the lighter and brighter side of beautiful living.

As per usual, Beetroot Inc. has already incorporated classic blue (the 2020 Pantone colour of the year) in an assortment of scatter cushions and blue patchwork designs for wingbacks and couches for this year. So, you can also expect classic blue – in the form of precious stones like sapphire set in gold or silver – to make their appearance in jewellery stores before Valentine’s Day.

Classic blue (Pantone 19-4052) is described as elegant in its simplicity. It is suggestive of the sky at dusk and clearly serves as a counterpoint to the current global instability by instilling a sense of calm, confidence and connection.  Probably just what the doctor ordered!

But if blue is not your thing, don’t worry.  Beetroot Inc. also offers rich textured fabric options in red, duck egg, beige, aqua – or whatever your heart desires. As a matter of fact, with bespoke offerings, you are invited to add your individual touch to the design process.  You can choose what you want in the colour preference of your choice – while at the same time liberating your home from dreariness.

While the interior options at Beetroot Inc. will sit well with the imaginative and adventurous, the drive to upcycle (using reclaimed wood to create stunning patio and utility furniture) will get the nod from environmentalists.   Table trolleys and servers are great gifts for dad to use during a braai.  They can also serve as an extra work surface in the kitchen.  These servers and trolleys are on wheels – so they can be moved to wherever they are required.

Beetroot Inc. is currently on a 60 percent recycling standard.  With the recycling of fabric – to produce reconstructed cushions and handbags – the company has also taken on textile pollution. As one pundit has recently remarked sustainability is no longer a trend, it is a demand from the consumer.  We have listened.

We wish you a happy and colourful Valentine’s Day.  Check out our website and Facebook specials online and instore.

The Beetroot Inc. Team   

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