Enjoy a Beautiful Day this Valentine’s!

Valentine’s Day

Chaucer, the old poet, said about the 14th day of February: “For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose its mate.”

At Beetroot Inc. – we can’t vouch for Chaucer, he wrote that Poem in the 14th century somewhere. We can however tell you that January has passed and with it we swung right into the Twenty-twenties! The 1920’s was called the” roaring twenties” and at Beetroot Inc. we are “roaring” to go and ready to fill this year with colour, joy and funky effervescence for every living space.

Bursts of burgundies and hearty reds, hues of blues, both of sun and sea. Sun-smiling yellows and warm-rust orange. Some delightful duck-eggs and dusky magentas. Our reclaimed wood pieces; washed in warm cappuccino off-whites, gamey shades of ash-greys and happy sea-greens, to name but a few. Yes, colour…and lots of it!

As for the day of the heart, of Cupid and courtly love, we at Beetroot Inc. will take Chaucer’s Poem and say: “Cometh here to choose your colours.” Valentine’s Day at Beetroot Inc, will last longer than any one day, a fresh-cut flower or cheeky chocolate.

Fun-floral cushions and scatters, bags and throws, lovingly stitched with sweet Shwe-Shwe and lusty linen, are all mischievously waiting for the lovers embrace. Furniture, assembled and caressed with a gleam, glitter and a twinkle in the eye, are breathlessly lingering to be courted and taken to a new home. Our custom designed couches, chairs and wingbacks, are ready to have life and love breathed into them by your colour palette and choice of texture, guided by the knowing hands of our designing team.

Come join us this month, and share love, life and laughter, infused with colour and feel.

 Gift a loved one, friend or family…or your own heart, with some of our joy and also yours. 

Yes, truly…love is in the air!

the Beetroot Inc. Team

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