Femke Kleisen Jewellery

Femke Kleisen Jewellery

It has arrived!

*Femke Kleisen jewellery in funky chic Beetroot Inc. style. An exclusive funky chic pendant range in sterling silver by Femke Kleisen is now available from Beetroot Inc. With South Africa’s fauna and flora as central theme, the range articulates the unity of people with nature. But, that is not all!

A personal dimension is added with word relief (sculpted on some of the pendants) that refer to a special moment, type of person, wish or feeling. So if you really want to say it with a great piece of jewellery, this is the way to go!

Only a limited number of these pieces will be available to the public. Individual pendants are numbered and will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Check it out!

* Femke Kleisen was born in Pretoria in 1971.  She matriculated from the Pro Arte School in the city in 1989.  After a stint as an apprentice at a local manufacturing jeweller, she enrolled for training as a goldsmith in the Dutch jewellery hub, Schoonhoven, in 1991 - where she completed her studies four years later. On her return to South Africa in 1995, she started designing and producing jewellery for the local market.   She regards nature as her main source of inspiration.