Sales and Supply Terms

1) Beetroot Inc. products

Products that are advertised on the Beetroot Inc. website ( are subject to the following:

  • Couches, chairs, ottomans and Eco furniture are made to order –  if they are not currently in stock.
  • Delivery will take place within six weeks unless otherwise specified.
  • Cushions, place mats, handbags and paintings are supplied from stock. Lines that are out of stock will be delivered within six weeks. Paintings that are re-ordered will deal with the same subject matter, but might differ slightly from those displayed on the website.
  • The colour, texture and composition of fabric might differ slightly from the examples on the website – but will be compiled in the same colour palette and look-and-feel as ordered.
  • The reclaimed timber products of the Eco range display their own natural markings – that may include holes and cracks. Slight colour variations may also occur as a result of the texture of the specific wood that has been used to create a specific item. Nails, screws and Beetroot Inc. -branding form part of the design and construction of the Eco range.

2) Paying for Beetroot Inc. products

The prices quoted on displayed items and/or listed on the Beetroot Inc. website are quoted in ZAR (South African Rand). These prices are valid in South Africa only. Prices for people outside South Africa will be calculated / quoted in US dollar and will also make provision for all relevant export- and logistical fees.

Prospective buyers are required to render full payment of the quoted price and delivery charges (if and when it is required) before delivery can take place.

Buyers can pay by valid credit card at exhibitions or render EFT -payments. In the case of EFT -payments stock will only be released for delivery once full payment has been received – and when these payments are reflected in the account of Beetroot Inc. The latter could take up to four business days.

EFT-payments should be made to:
Beetroot Fabrics (Pty) Ltd
Investec Private Bank
Account number: 10011582505
Branch code: 58 01 05
Account type: Current account

Ownership of the products will only be transferred to buyers once payment has been done in full. Customers must retain their initial Beetroot Inc. invoices and a print-out of their EFT payment/credit card receipt as proof of purchase.

3) Deliveries

Customers will be charged for delivery. The latter will be reflected on the relevant invoice and will be in line with current Beetroot Inc. delivery policy.

Beetroot Inc. will contact customers to advise them of delivery. Delivery will take place only on weekdays and during business hours. An estimated time and date of delivery will be supplied to the customer – and Beetroot Inc. will take reasonable steps to deliver the stock within this time frame. If circumstances beyond the control of Beetroot Inc. require changes to the delivery schedule – the customer will be contacted and alternative arrangements will be made.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the place of delivery is accessible, for example, that the products can fit into rooms and that access is provided via lifts, doors and staircases. If hoisting is required (through windows and balconies) the customer must arrange this at her/his own expense. Customers must also remove breakable objects from the area prior to delivery. Damages that result from non-compliance (to any of the aforementioned stipulations) will be for the account of the customer.

The customer (or the person taking delivery on his/her behalf) must inspect the products and is required to sign a proof of delivery (POD). Unless it is so indicated on the POD the delivered products will be deemed to have been received in a good condition and in accordance with the specifications of the customer. Any defects should be photographed and reported to the Beetroot Creative Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or forwarded via cell phone to Jeanne at 083 627 1373. Defects must be reported within 48 hours after delivery has taken place.

If the customer fails to make the necessary arrangements (for e.g. to receive the stock at the agreed time or to ensure access) and it results in a failure to deliver, additional delivery costs will be charged.

4) Collections
The original invoice must be presented before the collection of Beetroot Inc. products will be allowed. The person producing the invoice will be deemed to be the customer or his/her authorised agent. Unless it is indicated otherwise, the product will be deemed to have been received in a good condition and in accordance with the specifications of the customer.

Beetroot Inc. will not be liable for damages to any product once it has been handed to the customer or his/her appointed agent. For example, damages that occur during the loading or transportation of the products will be for the account of the customer or his/her agent. The customer and/or agent must ensure that a suitable vehicle is used to transport the products and that said products are secured in such a way as to prevent damage. Customers must supply their own packing material (for example, ropes and blankets) to ensure secure transportation and to prevent any damages from occurring.

5) Storage fees

If a product is not collected within ten (10) working days after notification (or cannot be delivered as a result of non-performance by the customer) a storage fee of R150 a day will be charged to the customer. The storage fee will have to be settled in full, before a subsequent delivery will be undertaken – or the release for collection will be allowed.

6) Caring for products

Beetroot Inc. will not be responsible for damages that result from:

  • failure to look after products properly; or
  • the ignoring of special care instructions.

7) Ordering products

A quotation/order will be provided to customers who order products. The same procedure will apply to special products that are made to order - or for products that are on back order.

Customers are required to sign these quotations/orders once they have verified the veracity of all information pertaining to the quote. The signature will be deemed to verify that:

  • an order for said products has been placed by the customer; and
  • that said products adhere to the needs and specifications of the customer.

No exchange, returns or refunds will be allowed for products that have been ordered.

A deposit of at least 50 per cent (or as specified by Beetroot Inc. at the time) is required before an order will be executed. If an order is cancelled by the customer, this deposit will be forfeited.

The balance of the purchase price is payable as per paragraph 2 above. Lead times for orders will depend on the nature of the product ordered, its availability and the performance of Beetroot Inc. suppliers. The estimated lead time will be stated on the invoice and Beetroot Inc. will inform the customer of any delays.

Deviations in appearance may result (as per the reasons specified in paragraph 1 above) and are accepted by the customer.

8) Warranty

  • Upholstered furniture carries a warranty of two years from the date of delivery/collection. The warrantee will apply to the frame and craftsmanship and excludes normal wear and tear on the upholstery.
  • Timber products carry a warrantee of one year from the date of delivery – on the frame and workmanship. If the product is altered or used for any other purpose as it was intended for, the warrantee will be void.
  • Soft furnishings carry a warranty of six months.

Conditions of the warranty:

  • The warrantees regarding workmanship and material referred to above are subject to the following:
  • The defect must have existed at the time of the delivery – or must have occurred during the stated warrantee period.
  • The defect must not be a result of normal wear and tear or use/abuse by the customer.
  • The product must be used for its original intended purpose in a domestic environment.
  • The customer must have complied with special care instructions (see paragraph 3 above) if applicable.
  • The customer must present the original invoice before the process can be set in motion.
  • The product must have been produced/assembled by Beetroot Inc. or its suppliers in accordance with standard specifications.

9) Buying products on display

A customer that buys a product on display in a showroom or at an exhibition accepts the condition of the product as its stands on the floor.

10) Exchanging products

Flawed or damaged products returned to Beetroot Inc. will only be considered for exchange if:

  • it is returned in an unused condition within 7 working days of purchase or delivery;
  • it is accompanied by the original and valid proof of purchase ; and
  • the goods are physically returned by the customer (at her/his own expense).

In addition, exchange is subject to:

  • availability;
  • verification that the stipulations in paragraph 3 and 4 above have been adhered to (if and when applicable); and
  • adherence to all other relevant Beetroot Inc. sales/collection/delivery conditions.

Goods will not be exchanged when:

  • imperfections formed part of the design;
  • flaws/imperfections were pointed out during the time of purchase;
  • the conditions of the warrantee were transgressed;
  • they form part of a special (personalised) order;
  • they have been physically altered or disassembled;
  • the consumer has changed her/his mind about the purchase;
  • the condition of the stock formed part of the conditions of a sale (for example shop-soiled products); and
  • an original invoice could not be provided.

Please note that handling fees may be applicable during exchanges/returns.

11) Refunds

Refunds will only be considered within a period of six months after delivery if:

  • the product does not comply with the purpose it was intended for;
  • the product is fundamentally flawed; and
  • an exchange of or repairs to the product are not possible.

Once the product has been checked and a decision has been taken to refund, Beetroot Inc. will:

  • verify the banking details of the customer and issue a credit note;
  • do a payment within one month after the credit note has been issued;
  • pay the money into the verified bank account.

Please note that it may take up to five working days for a payment to reflect in the account.

12) Limitations of liability

Beetroot Inc. will not be liable for damage or loss suffered as a result of negligence on the part of the customer or acts of the customer that result in damage or loss.